Minimally invasive and open surgical interventions

Urological applications with BOWA MEDICAL electrosurgical systems

For the entire clinical spectrum of urological interventions

Attractively priced efficient solutions from BOWA MEDICAL for laparoscopic and open surgical procedures create added value in your urological applications. With the powerful LOTUS torsional ultrasonic system for rapid dissection, you get the benefits of a latest generation ultrasonic scalpel.

The high-end electrosurgical unit ARC 400 can be used for all urological surgical procedures of the urinary and efferent urinary organs and provides excellent support for bipolar resection and enucleation. The bipolar, transurethral resection with the ARC 400 is characterised by extremely reliable and consistent incision and cutting performance.

Application videos

Bipolar resection (TUR-P)

Bipolar bladder tumour resection (TUR-B)

High frequency surgery for urology

Devices and instruments for urological applications

ARC 400 for bipolar resection

The high-end electrosurgical device ARC 400 with touchscreen and integrated instrument recognition is the new generation of electrosurgical devices for monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery with sealing technology.

The HF generator can be used in all urological surgical interventions and provides excellent support for bipolar resection and enucleation.

LOTUS Torsional Ultrasonic System

The LOTUS generator is the powerful torsional ultrasonic system for open and laparoscopic surgical interventions. The LOTUS laparoscopic dissecting shears are used.for laparoscopic applications with unique torsional ultrasound in urology. The LOTUS ultrasonic shears have been specially developed for fast, precise, haemostatic tissue preparation.

Our products for urology

LOTUS Torsional Ultrasonic System

With patented torsional ultrasonic technology

ARC 400

For use in almost all areas of electrosurgery

SHE SHA smoke evacuation system

Universal smoke management during surgical interventions

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