Coagulation and cutting
in a single instrument

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ERGO bipolar

Laparoscopic coagulation instruments, 5 and 3 mm

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Powerful torsion ultrasonic technology

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40 years BOWA

Electrosurgery Made in Germany

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ARC 400 and ERGO 310D

Next generation

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ARC 400


Performance at your fingertips

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The revolutionary solution for maximum process safety

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Neutral electrodes

Innovative - safe - economical

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BOWA: HF surgery devices and accessories

As a supplier of the full range of HF surgery devices and accessories, BOWA is an internationally successful player in the demanding field of electro-medical devices: BOWA products are used around the world. More about BOWA

40 years BOWA – Electrosurgery Made in Germany

Specialist and complete provider of energy-assisted surgery systems.

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BOWA LOTUS – Powerful torsional ultrasonic technology

With the BOWA LOTUS system, you can enjoy the benefits of the latest generation of torsional ultrasonic scalpel.

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ERGO bipolar – State of the art laparoscopy

ERGO bipolar is the new BOWA instrument system in 3 mm and 5 mm.

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New Generation NON-Stick Gold Forceps

The BOWA bipolar NON-Stick forceps portfolio has been supplemented by a variety of different lengths and shapes.

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