Create a list of favourites in order to manage frequently ordered items and to find them again quickly.

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Marked articles:

How to add an article to your favorites list:

In the detailed view of the article, click on this symbol in the line with the article you require. The article is added to the main group of the favourites list ("without allocation").

Managing favourites list:

  • Move an article to an existing list by clicking on this symbol. Then click to select an existing name for it. The article is moved to this list.
  • Create a new list by clicking on this symbol. Then enter a new name for the desired list and click on Create favorite list. The list is created and the article is added to the list.
  • Delete an article by clicking on the delete symbol.
  • Delete an existing list by deleting the last article from the list or moving it to another group. The list is deleted automatically.
  • The sequence of individual items in a list can be and changed by.

File upload

As an alternative, you can select a .csv or .xls file to import to your favourite list.

Instructions Example data.xls Example data.csv