BiZZER bipolar scissors

Leaflets for the product

The leaflets for the products are available here as a download in the available languages. The documents can also be ordered in hard copy.

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Article no. Article description More information Size Packaging unit
11231 BiZZER Leaflet DE din a4 PCS (1 PCS)
11232 BiZZER Leaflet EN din a4 PCS (1 PCS)
11233 BiZZER Leaflet FR din a4 PCS (1 PCS)
11234 BiZZER Leaflet ES din a4 PCS (1 PCS)
11235 BiZZER Leaflet IT din a4 PCS (1 PCS)
11236 BiZZER Leaflet PL din a4 PCS (1 PCS)
11237 BiZZER Leaflet TR din a4 PCS (1 PCS)
11409 BiZZER Leaflet RU din a4 PCS (1 PCS)
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