Liver surgery

One of the most sophisticated areas of visceral surgery

A wide range of applications for abdominal surgical interventions

Complete solutions for liver surgery from BOWA MEDICAL

The LOTUS ultrasonic liver resector with patented torsional ultrasonic technology was designed specifically for use on liver parenchymal tissue. In combination with the ARC 400 high-end surgical unit for monopolar and bipolar HF surgery and the ARC PLUS accessory unit for argon-assisted electrosurgery, BOWA MEDICAL offers the solution for open and laparoscopic liver surgery.

Application videos

Right hepatectomy

Liver resection

Liver cystectomy

Full-service provider for liver surgery

Learn more about the appropriate electro-surgical devices and instruments.

ARC 400 with ARC PLUS and argon handle

The new generation of electro-surgical devices for monopolar and bipolar electro-surgery with sealing technology. The ARC 400 supports every operating room team thanks to indication-oriented setting options in the specific surgical disciplines with intuitive operation at the touch of a finger.

ARC PLUS is available as an additional device for ARC 400 for a precise contactless coagulation. The argon support makes the simplest application through reliable ignition possible and at the same time offers high perforation protection.

The argon handle for open surgical and laparoscopic application allows the use of argon modes in combination with ARC PLUS. Different argon electrodes can be connected to the reusable handle.

LOTUS generator and liver resectors

The powerful ultrasonic scalpel system with unique torsional ultrasound for liver surgery. Specially designed for use on liver parenchymal tissue.

The LOTUS open-surgery liver resector LR5-200 is used for open interventions and the LOTUS laparoscopic liver resector LR5-400 is used for laparoscopic interventions. The increased contact surface of the instrument tip leads to a stronger haemostatic effect.

Our products for liver surgery

LOTUS ultrasonic scalpel

With patented torsional ultrasonic technology

SHE SHA smoke evacuation system

Universal smoke management during surgical interventions

Rigid argon electrodes

For contactless argon surface coagulation

ARC 400

For use in almost all areas of electrosurgery

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