Gynaecological interventions with electrosurgical systems from BOWA MEDICAL

Gynaecological applications

Innovative system solutions for patient-oriented surgery in gynaecology

In-bag morcellation ensures optimised safety during laparoscopic hysterectomy and myomectomy. With MetraLoop, MetraBag and ERGO 300, BOWA MEDICAL offers the complete solution for morcellation of benign tissue in an enclosed system.

In combination with the high-end electrosurgical unit ARC 400, this is the ideal solution for monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery with sealing technology.

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Endometriosis surgery



High frequency surgery for gynaecology

Devices and instruments for gynaecological applications

Morcellator ERGO 300

The ERGO 300 Morcellator System is used during laparoscopic interventions for morcellation and extraction of tissue as well as removal of fibroids or the uterus, in gynaecology. Various application sets are available to choose from, so that each intervention can be precisely tailored to individual requirements.


Intra-operative spread of tumour cells in the abdominal cavity is a potential risk during laparoscopic morcellation of tissue in hysterectomy and myomectomy.

The MetraBag morcellation bag for controlled tissue morcellation and salvage of excisions in a closed system reduces the risk of tumour cell spreading.


Controlled tissue morcellation in an enclosed system

Instruments for gynaecological interventions

Many other instruments and electrosurgical accessories from BOWA MEDICAL complete the portfolio for gynaecology.

Our products for gynaecology

SHE SHA smoke evacuation system

Efficient electro-surgical smoke evacuation

ARC 400 Electrosurgical System

For use in almost all areas of electrosurgery

LOTUS ultrasonic scalpel

With patented torsional ultrasonic technology

ERGO 315R for bipolar sealing and cutting

Laparoscopic instrument for sealing blood vessels


In-bag morcellation for safe recovery of the excisions

BiZZER bipolar scissors

Cutting, preparation and coagulation in one instrument


Sling system for supracervical hysterectomy

Laparoscopy electrodes

For monopolar cutting and coagulation

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