General and visceral surgery

Applications in modern HF surgery

BOWA MEDICAL Electrosurgical Systems

The BOWA MEDICAL product portfolio covers all energy-based surgical requirements for general and visceral surgery.

General and visceral surgery, as “basic surgery”, constitutes the basic surgical care. Laparoscopic and open interventions with high-frequency and ultrasonic surgical systems from BOWA MEDICAL are used in a wide range of surgical applications.

Using the powerful LOTUS torsional ultrasonic system for rapid dissection, you will enjoy the benefits of a latest generation ultrasonic scalpel. The reusable ERGO 315R in combination with the high-end electrosurgical system ARC 400 is an attractive overall package for rapid and gentle sealing of the blood vessels in laparoscopic procedures.

Application videos

Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication

Laparoscopic rectal resection

High frequency surgery for general and visceral surgery

Devices and instruments for surgical applications

ARC 400 electrosurgical device

The high-end electrosurgical device ARC 400 with touchscreen and integrated instrument recognition is the new generation of electrosurgical units for monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery with sealing technology. Indication-oriented setting options and intuitive operation at the touch of a finger support every surgical team.

With ERGOact 360 and 460, the first instrument for bipolar coagulation with hand activation, you can operate without a foot switch for the first time in this instrument class. For more safety, control and comfort.

LOTUS ultrasonic scalpel system

The LOTUS generator is the powerful torsional ultrasonic system for open and laparoscopic surgical interventions. LOTUS open surgery dissecting shears and LOTUS laparoscopic dissecting shears have been developed for rapid, precise hemostatic tissue preparation. The patented torsional ultrasonic technology makes the LOTUS dissection shears particularly efficient when compared to conventional ultrasonic knives.

Fume extraction

SHE SHA smoke evacuation and ultra-vision ensure a smoke-free operating room during surgical interventions and incisions.


LOTUS ultrasonic dissecting shears can be used in all open and laparoscopic surgeries.


Reusable and disposable instruments and a wide range of electrosurgical accessories are available.

Our products for general and visceral surgery

SHE SHA smoke evacuation system

Universal smoke management during surgical interventions


Laparoscopic instrument for sealing blood vessels

ARC 400

For use in almost all areas of electrosurgery

LOTUS ultrasonic scalpel

With patented torsional ultrasonic technology

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