SHE SHA smoke evacuation system – A healthy and safe working environment thanks to clean air in the operating theatre

Surgical smoke is dangerous to the health of surgical staff!
Take measures to protect yourself and your surgical environment.

It is difficult to imagine operating theatres without HF surgery. You have probably already noticed, on several occasions, the pungent odour that is produced during HF surgery and just accept it as normal.

Have you ever wondered about the health effects of surgical smoke inhaled in the operating theatre?

Learn why wearing a conventional surgical mask is not enough and what surgical smoke consists of in this online course. Discover effective measures to ensure a healthy and safe working environment in the operating theatre.

We will introduce you to the “SHE SHA smoke evacuation system” from BOWA MEDICAL – make a smoke-free operating theatre the gold standard!

Then test your knowledge afterwards and receive a certificate.

Components of
surgical smoke

Effects on

Effective measure:
smoke evacuation

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