BOWA SHE SHA provides an universal, safe and easy to use efficient solution for electrosurgical smoke and its viral incredients. SAGES1 in conjunction with EAES2 and AORN3 announced guidelines during the current COVID-19 pandemic regarding the use of smoke evacuators. Further information from:


Learn more about the effects of surgical smoke, applicable guidelines, and most importantly, how you can protect your health in the operating room:

Surgical Smoke Evacuation


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Smoke-free operating theatres


Flyer smoke management


Details on the products for smoke evacuation from BOWA can be found here:

SHE SHA smoke evacuation system

SHE SHA smoke handles

SHE SHA hoses


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1 SAGES: Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons
2 EAES: European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other Interventional Techniques
3 AORN: Association of perioperative Registered Nurses