BOWA supply concept

for HF surgery

HF surgery supply concept
Economic. Standardised. Sustainable.

You will certainly know from your own experience that everything always runs much more smoothly when someone competent personally acts on your behalf. The HF surgery supply concept from BOWA MEDICAL was created precisely with this in mind.




Our experts take an on-site inventory of your accessories, assessing what you actually need, and work with you to create a procurement concept that optimises the quality of your supply while reducing costs.

As a European manufacturer (Germany and Poland), we guarantee a high availability of MDR-compliant products and the replacement of defective parts nationwide by authorised and certified cooperation partners.

The BOWA supply concept in three steps

Step 1: Personal consultation

By “consultation”, we mean the personal actual analysis of your inventory that is carried out on-site by a BOWA MEDICAL specialist.

This is the only way for us to obtain a comprehensive overview of the HF accessories that you require. The results of this analysis give our specialist a clear understanding of the specific HF instrument requirements of your individual departments, meaning that they can work with you to create an economic supply concept that is perfectly tailored to requirements.

Step 2: Analysis and evaluation

Standardisation simplifies your logistics expenses and optimises your instrument portfolio, with a view to converting 70–80 per cent of your previous product portfolio to BOWA MEDICAL.
We achieve this by analysing your inventory according to three factors:

• identifying identical items
• eliminating product duplicates
• replacing comparable product alternatives

Step 3: Your personal product portfolio

Together, we establish your product portfolio.
The aim is to reduce your costs while maintaining the quality of your HF accessories. In this way, you benefit from a streamlined procurement process.
Not only do you reduce your transport and procurement costs, but you also benefit from the high quality standard of products made in Germany and Poland.

The key outcome of our strategic consultation is the
simplification of your inventory and logistics management processes.

Quality management is our top priority

As an MDR-certified manufacturer, we meet all of the requirements for the following:

The BOWA HF surgery supply concept

Standardised. Reliable. Economic.