BOWA MEDICAL – Your specialist for safe laparoscopic morcellation

BOWA MEDICAL – Your specialist for safe laparoscopic morcellation

As one of the first MDR-certified companies, BOWA MEDICAL offers the complete solution for safe laparoscopic hysterectomy and myomectomy as part of its portfolio. With us, you not only get specialist products: Qualified BOWA MEDICAL product consultants and distribution partners across the world can offer you a range of morcellation products as well as high quality, customer focused service at all times.

Increased safety with in bag morcellation using the MetraBag

The FDA recommends that morcellation for gynaecological procedures should only be performed in a closed system (Tissue Containment System) due to the potential risk of intraoperative tissue scattering in the abdominal cavity. The innovative MetraBag in-bag system optimises safety during laparoscopic hysterectomy and myomectomy. The recovery and morcellation bag collects fluids and small tissue remnants in a closed system, thus avoiding a major incision to recover tissue. The MetraBag not only provides a safe solution, but also an economical one that impresses with its low usage costs.

ERGO 300 morcellator for laparoscopic procedures

The newly developed ERGO 300 morcellator enables precise morcellation and extraction of tissue during laparoscopic procedures. Together with the MetraBag , the ERGO 300 morcellator is ideal for controlled in-bag morcellation. With different application sets in the working diameters 12 mm and 15 mm (guard and cutting tube), the system can be individually adapted to any requirement. The MetraBag morcellation bag, the ERGO 300 morcellation system and the Metra Loop system from BOWA MEDICAL offer the ideal complete solution for the morcellation of benign tissue in a closed system.

Supply security for your ROTOCUT G1 and G2-System with consumable part sets

The market for laparoscopic uterine morcellation has been undergoing changes. For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had updated its product labelling guidelines in 2020 and a new version of the S3 guidelines for cervical cancer was issued in March 2021.

However, the biggest challenge for minimally invasive gynaecological patient treatment was the decision of some providers to discontinue their morcellation products. To enable you to continue using your ROTOCUT G1 and G2 system, we offer you spare part sets in 11 mm and 15 mm versions.

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