The new financing and service offering for energy-based surgical systems

Stay flexible with the new BOWA FLEXabo

Why buy if you just want to use state-of-the-art HF surgical devices?

With the new BOWA FLEXabo, you get a financing plan consisting of a schedulable monthly subscription rate and a complete all-round service offer for the entire term of the contract. You pay a clear, monthly all-inclusive fee with no hidden costs.

It is important to note that the comprehensive device service is automatically included in BOWA FLEXabo. There are therefore no additional costs for any SI tests, scheduled maintenance, repairs, loaner devices, etc. during the subscription period – leaving you free to concentrate fully on your work.

An overview of the benefits of FLEXabo

There are no hidden costs

Fixed monthly subscription rate for the entire term Your liquidity is maintained.

Flexible contract term

Select your desired term from six months to five years Switching to buying at fixed prices is possible

All-round service offer

Complete all-inclusive device service Consumables
and/or wear items are excluded


Financing check with a requirement analysis performed by BOWA MEDICAL experts

Employee training courses

Free online training is available to your employees via the BOWA ACADEMY

Loan devices when servicing is required

Replacement devices and parts – with a response time within
three working days – are included in BOWA FLEXabo

Why choose BOWA FLEXabo?

Make your investment decision based on a requirement analysis performed by BOWA MEDICAL experts.

Flexible term

You have a choice: You can choose between a six-month and five-year term. Switching to buying using pre-determined, fixed prices is possible. Loan devices are a good alternative particularly in the interim if, for example, the required capital is only available at a later date.

Protects liquidity and is predictable

Unlike device purchases, your capital is not tied up – and most importantly: Your liquidity is maintained. The monthly rental rate can be deducted in full as an operating expense.
You have three options: You can purchase the product at a fixed price, renew yourFLEXabo contract at attractive subsequent conditions or receive a new offer at attractive conditions.

The complete device service is automatically included.

BOWA FLEXabo includes an all-inclusive service package during the term of the contract. As a result, no additional service costs are incurred. This starts right from the beginning and covers device commissioning and training for device operators. It also includes service expenses for replacement and loaner devices, maintenance, SI tests and visits from service technicians. Only consumables and/or wear items are excluded.

Employee training is available at all times

We provide your employees with free online training specifically for HF surgery applications via our BOWA ACADEMY.

Practical hands-on training demonstrates interesting new functions or innovations of BOWA MEDICAL products. Clear live videos present medical solutions from BOWA MEDICAL in real life situations.

You will receive direct access to the BOWA ACADEMY for this purpose.

Investments can be planned!

Learn more about the cost-benefit advantage of BOWA FLEXabo

Is BOWA FLEXabo the solution for you?

Buying is not always the better decision.

For example, depending on your starting position, your investment can be realised in the meantime through leasing instead of through the purchase request process. The rental expenses are tax deductible, especially since a subsequent purchase is still an option. We determine which type of financing is the best for your investments on the basis of a financing check with a requirement analysis.. Let us advise you without obligation.

There are no hidden costs in BOWA FLEXabo because the complete device service is automatically included.


The first step is always the inventory.
Our experts work with you to take an inventory on site.

Requirement analysis

Our BOWA MEDICAL experts determine your technological need for energy-based surgical systems on the basis of this analysis.

Investment planning

Using the results of this requirement analysis, we analyse the cost-benefit advantage of BOWA FLEXabo for your investments.